Here are some of the testimonies from the November 7-11, 2023 Columbus Seek & Save event.

  • One team was out walking the streets and they came across a lady who was dealing with an epileptic disorder. She had never driven because of the disorder. The lady asked for prayer because she had a doctor’s appointment the following day. One of the team members prayed for the lady and they exchanged numbers. The following day, the lady with the epileptic disordered texted the team member to let her know that the doctor granted her permission to get a license. The lady said she believes she was healed!

  • Through a partnership CANFREEDOM, 213 hotels were reached. One team reported praying with jaded staff & she began to weep in the presence of the Lord. Some state human trafficking Taskforces have limited their referrals. We learned from Oklahoma anti-trafficking law enforcement specialists with us today that there are only 3 programs they refer to in the state. They have a special vetting process. We were able to connect Oklahoma Teen Challenge to help begin that process.

  • On the first day out doing street evangelism, a team of guys from Teen Challenge prayed for a man whose leg was numbed and in pain. After praying for him. He was healed!

  • One of the team members led a young lady to the Lord in the middle of a McDonalds.

"The mission of the Oklahoma Assemblies of God is to share the Gospel of Jesus with the least, last and lost.  Partnering with SEEK and SAVE was a great tool for our state as many churches, pastors, and individuals, came together to fulfill our mission."

“Over the course of the week we saw many lives come to know Jesus.  In fact, well over 1000.  But we also saw churches, ministries, leaders and pastors working together and united for the Kingdom.  I have been serving as superintendent of Oklahoma for 2 years and Seek & Save was my favorite week in this role.  I thank God for this vital ministry and believe the collective fruit will be a great awakening for America.”
Dr. Darryl Wootton, OKAG Superintendent