This past August, people from around Ohio came together for the purpose of saturating Columbus with the Gospel of Jesus through a partnership with local churches, OMN, and the General Council of the AG. The week of outreach included evangelism, prayer walking, sports camps, neighborhood & parks clean up projects, ministry focused on anti-human trafficking, church revitalization projects, & 2 Big Block parties. Here are some of the amazing results that we were able to record:

  • 333 recorded engagements with individuals
  • 311 people prayed for
  • 143 Salvations (2 water baptisms)
  • 252 total volunteers from 42 different churches & organizations
  • 5,000 bags of groceries packed and distributed
  • 1,750 people attended 2 Big Block Parties
  • 4 local AG churches were directly impacted by this week of outreach

Every one of those numbers represent people who are valuable to God and we celebrate them. Also, there were so many amazing stories and outcomes that happened beyond those statistics. Here are just a few stories & testimonies:

One team was out walking the streets and talking with people when they came across a young lady trying to change her tire. They helped her do it and asked to pray with her. By the time the prayer was over, there were tears in her eyes and a team member sensitively obeyed the Holy Spirit as he spoke into her life with an anointed word and led her to relationship with Christ.

Another, team was on their way back for lunch after a hot and humid morning. A truck pulled up and a distraught woman got out. The team leader sensed this was a God moment and asked if she could pray for her. The lady was blown away as she shared that she had tried to commit suicide the night before with a gun to her head but it misfired. She knew this was the Lord sending that team to her because she needed hope. They led her to relationship with Christ and her whole countenance was changed as a result.

Another team decided to go to a local Walmart and engage people as the Spirit was leading. Several team members reported having amazing spiritual discussions and prayer with people. One of team members led a young lady to the Lord and prayed for deliverance right in the middle of Walmart.

"This week of ministry brought about a stronger unity in the Body of Christ for everyone who participated. Lifelong friendships were made, pastors were encouraged, the mayor of Columbus showed up and met with 30 of our Pastors, partnerships were forged with local organizations, law enforcement agencies, and churches. One of the most encouraging sites was to see so many young people come out each day to serve, help out local pastors, and saturate Columbus with the Gospel."
- Al Yanno